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For startups, growing your business from small to big on a shoestring budget can be challenging. However, when you understand the logic of effective marketing, it becomes possible to grow your brand and boost sales online with a tiny budget.

So, how do you Grow your Business Online on a Small Budget?

1. Strategize your goals

First, it all begins with the right strategy.
Map out what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. It can be weekly, monthly or quarterly goals. Find out who your target audience is and understand their purchasing behavior. You can create between three to five audience personas to help you come up with better strategies to reach them.

2. Build a website/blog that stands out

Think of it as a home for your products or services. This is where your potential clients go to learn more about you. Most people today instinctively use search engines to discover where to buy what they need. That is why your first investment should be in a website.

At the barest minimum, your website should meet the following criteria:

  • A clear message
  • A contact page.
  • About page
  • Valuable content
  • Easy to use (UX)
  • Opt-in lead magnet

3. Be social

Identify, the social media platform where your target audience congregates and creatively engage them. Take your customer service beyond just phone calls & SMS. Respond to your customers’ online inquiries.

4. Create insanely useful content

You can organically increase your followers and improve their engagement with your posts by sharing useful content rather than sharing only salesy content. Give them tips that are tested and proven. Humor is also another great strategy. Let your business page be lively.

5. Be consistent

Consistency is at the core of a successful online presence. People will in no time recognize what you do if you’re deliberate about it. This way anticipation can be created for your next update.

6. Try out a Few Paid promotions

Discover which of your posts received the highest level of engagement and capitalize on spreading it to a larger audience. Try out various ad formats from brand awareness, to lead generation, to offers that motivate action.

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