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Boom! A snappy business idea pops up in your mind; looking promising it is. You couldn’t help but jot it down so it doesn’t snap away. Cheers, you’ve done well.

Then you pause, and it occurred to you that many of such great ideas you’ve jotted down that were never done.  You felt this guilt for not doing all the things you could have started. Because, sure, you could have written that business plan, proposals, apply for grants or source for funds from family and friends to execute one of the projects.

Of course, it’s natural you’ve felt this guilt – you’re human! We have a natural desire to want to live up to our expectations, especially when we see people around us doing things. I call this sucking guilt-feeling FOND, aka the Fear of Not Doing.

This feeling stems from the tension of knowing you can do anything but struggling to get started doing something. Welcome to FOND life. You’re probably living it.

Soon enough, you’ll begin to compare yourself with others which often makes FOND rear its fearsome little head; making you feel like you’re missing out on your own abilities and potential. It whispers in your ear: You could be doing so much, but you just can’t do it. Is this you FOND is messing with, buddy?

I’ll tell you – most of the side business or projects you see other people succeed at are the product of behind-the-scenes work – and also an intense dedication to one project. Every successful entrepreneur had face FOND at the beginning. It turns out they change their FOND: Fear of Not Doing into FOMO: Fear of Missing Out (if they don’t), thus, their successful business.

So, instead of feeling guilty about the thing you’re not doing, you can try to kill your FOND feelings by:

Find Passion and Do 1 Thing

The sad but true thing about FOND is that; it doesn’t actually like you to do anything at all. You become overwhelmed and stuck often when you’re struggling with the reality that you’re not doing what you should be doing. You end up not doing anything at all.

I personally spent years knowing I wanted to help struggling entrepreneurs grow their business with 3D marketing and business tips, but I didn’t know which to do with lots of business ideas have circled. I started beating up myself that I wasn’t good at any – before I had even started.

The solution to killing FOND is to find passion in doing one thing. If you go all the way to start one thing you’re passionate about, I promise that you won’t remember all the other things that you think should be doing. FOND pokes you the most when you’re not doing anything and goes away when you decide on your passion and focus on it.

Set Goals and Deadlines

If you’re worried about wasting time and getting overwhelmed in the process of doing that one thing you’re passionate about, then give yourself some constraints by setting ‘Smart’ goals within a specific time bound.

Overcoming overwhelm is a challenge you would face in the process of killing FOND. It’s no fuss. This can be overcome by breaking down your goals into task – daily task.

You might have a passion for blogging and set a goal to create blog contents, but instead of getting overwhelmed that – Omg, I’m going to be writing articles for the rest of my life!!! – create a task and tell yourself – O yes, I’ll be writing 3 blog articles in a week.

Create Daily Habits

If you still feel like you’re leaving all your other talents on the table, try to move forward with baby steps. Ask yourself – what’s the smallest possible action you can do to progress on those other projects?

For instance, if you want to develop a leadership skill, you can create a habit of reading motivational books for 15mins. Don’t drag yourself to read for long hours. You create a habit by consistency.

Remember There’s So Much Time

Entrepreneurship is a lifetime journey. No matter how old you are, you have plenty of time to do things that matter. Be it setting up another side hustle business upon another. When you have a successful business running, you have enough time to start up another. That’s what you have to keep telling your FOND, my FOND friend.

The Joy of Entrepreneurship is being free. There is joy in being ambitious and running a successful business. But the most joy comes from killing your FOND: Fear of Not Doing – and doing things you want to do in the moments you do have.

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