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I have a question for you. What comes to your mind when you see Apple products?


Classy, Sophisticated… right?

Yeah, that’s right!

Apple is one of the big tech brands that play the “classy” game. Mind you, it’s not a game of throne (competition), but a brand personality which people have successfully resonated with over the years. From their signature look to their unique ways of expressing their brand message, they are able to stand out from the crowd.

Brand personality is about putting “human character” in your business. It is more of you with a focus on your audience. A good brand personality infused in your brand visuals, message, products/services, content, audio and customer services would tap into your audience psyche in a meaningful (positive), emotional and memorable way.

By consciously building a brand personality, you get to know who your ideal audience is, their income level, sense of belonging and better reach potential clients in your marketing.


In the social circles, people with great personalities thrive. The same is in business. A brand personality is a set of human traits or characteristics that an audience can relate to. Brands with consistent personality can leverage that built up equity in their branding and get people to relate better to their adverts.

Let’s explore a few other brands and their personality trait to help you decide the perfect brand personality for your business.



Trait: Tough (outdoorsy, ruggedness)
Philosophy: Be a champion of the people. Rescue those in need – Be strong, honorable, courageous and victorious.

Trigital Hub

Trigital Hub

Trait: Friendly (spirited, honest, cheerful)
Philosophy: Give people mutual feelings – Be kind, honest, positive – and do things the right way.



Trait: Sage (confidence, commitment)
Philosophy: Constantly expand the mind; one’s intelligence can always be enhanced with new information.

So, with the above examples in mind: which is the perfect brand personality you’ll adopt for high-performance affinity and retention?

Whatever you decide, you then infuse it in your brand’s:

  • Image (Which celebrity, model, or character will represent your brand identity)
  • Tone (The choice of words you’ll use in your brand’s content and message)
  • Visuals (The imagery you’ll use for your brand’s assets & adverts)
  • Activations (Events, Training & others you organize)
  • Sponsorships (The kinds of events you sponsor or partner with)

Vibrant and consistent personality is the key to leaving your competition in the dust. Take your time in honing your brand’s personality and always be flexible, whilst maintaining it. Picture your brand becoming an icon; constantly on the podium and forever on top of mind (however you consciously build it over time, no shortcuts).

“consistent brand presentation translates to 23% average revenue increase.”


Be authentic and Professional

There’s a fine line between showcasing your real personality and going to unprofessional lengths imitating others just for attention. The key to being real but maintaining respect is in being relatable – staying in your traits & niche while reaching out to others.

Be yourself

The key to consciously build a consistent brand personality is to be yourself – telling your audience what you need to say and not what they need to hear. Speaking your heart shows that you know your stuff and you hold a vital importance to it. That way, the audience would value your brand the way it needed to be.

I know sometimes this feels scary. You’re scared of losing potential customers because you say something and it gets termed the other way. When you take risks and really put your personality out there, sometimes it can be a little polarizing. But that’s okay because your content will resonate with your ideal audience.

Focus on group of people not crowd

The whole idea of brand personality is to help you narrow your brand message to the ideal audience that is most likely to become a client. Looking at Apple, you can tell their ideal kind of client lives a luxury/classy lifestyle.

Focusing on a group of an audience would help you attract potential customers, increase your brand sales and give you an upper edge over your competitors.


A well-infused brand personality in business helps you:

  • Engage your audience capturing their interest and drawing them into your brand message.
  • Demonstrates why you’re different from competitors.
  • Shows your brand have a heart and cares about your audience feelings.
  • Transform your message from boring to fascinating, resonating with ideal clients.
  • Establishes an ongoing rapport between you and your audience, creating a bond that could convert leads into sales.

To help you build the perfect brand personality that resonates with your ideal audience, I have created a FREE Brand Personality Guide just for you. This guide would help you identify the right personality trait to adopt and ways you can communicate your brand message to attracts potential clients. To be candid with you, this FREE workbook would only work for you if you can be yourself and be authentic.

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