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You should consider creating a company profile if you’re looking to ease your marketing process and pitch your brand effortlessly to prospects. A bespoke company profile is a great way to connect with prospective customers – and convince them to patronize you with a document that speaks it all. It helps you to portray a professional image, help to establish rapport, build solid ground and reinforce your brand. While it’s tempting to create a document, which looks outrightly bright and colorful, it’s more important its content communicate your selling-point. The bottom line is that a company profile is your brand’s time to shine.

What should you consider when creating a Bespoke Company Profile?

1. The Reader

Think about the reader (prospect) first – your Company profile needs to make a connection with them. Afterall, they are the reason you created this document.

 Question to ask –

  • Who is your intended reader?
  • How much time will they have to read your Company Profile?

Research shows that our attention span is getting shorter. It is important to keep company profile short and resourceful.

2. The Content

A lot of brands simply prepare their company profile based on standard guidelines, without reasoning from the prospect’s end. The contents are often based on assumptions about what prospective clients want to know, rather than facts/stories that make you stand out. Before you go ahead with creating your document, you need to ascertain exactly – “What do your prospective clients want to know about you?”, “What would influence their purchasing decision?”, “How can we assist their business?”.

3. Visual: Images/Graphics

A lot of companies don’t use images in their Company profile, and this is really a missed opportunity. If you’re profiling the business owner and/or key staff members; include a small photo of the person next to their profile. That way, the client can put a face to the name, which helps to build rapport.

You may also consider including a photo of your business premises, if appropriate and use relevant graphics to accompany your text. Design of your leading products or portfolio should be included in the profile. The inclusion of good designs can help differentiate your business as a professional renowned for elegance rather than a mediocre struggling for relevance.

4. Case Study / Feedback

A convincing way your Company profile can sell is to tell a convincing story of your previous client work. Enough of the talking, make a case study that resonates with your prospect’s need and you are a step away from landing a sale.

The truth is – prospects are tired of businesses procrastinating. They want to be convinced enough that you can deliver on your promises and mostly, they want to see a result. Simple! What if you’re new in business? Well, you can create a ‘Dummy Case Study’ that can justify your competence for the service you offer. This is an effective way to sell and win businesses when you’ve got no real case study/feedback.

5. Reinforce your Brand

There’s no better place to reinforce your brand than in your Company Profile. Your Mission and Core Values statements can be used to outline and reinforce what your business is about and confirm what you stand for. Don’t forget to use your company logo and company colors. This will ensure that all your branding is uniform and help to portray a more professional image.

Now that you know what to consider in creating a Bespoke Company Profile that Tell & Sells; Reach out to us and let’s design you a bespoke Company Profile or Brochure that attracts sales. Fill our Consultation Brief here!
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